Huang jin shi dai

The Golden Era
Ann Hui
China, Hongkong 2014
178 min

THE GOLDEN ERA recounts the life of the Chinese writer Xiao Hong, who wrote several novels acclaimed for their lyrical, reflective imagery, amid the growing turbulence of war with Japan.
Born into a well-off family, Xiao Hong scandalizes her tyrannical father by avoiding an arranged marriage and running away with a cousin to Beijing. Her letter to a newspaper, asking for help, brings an editor, Xiao Jun, to her door. For five years, they share an intense, troubled relationship, becoming part of China’s leftist literary circles while being tossed with other refugees from city to city.
In directing this beautifully filmed biopic, Ann Hui has experimented thoughtfully: Characters often address the audience directly, acknowledging the unknowable parts of Xiao Hong’s history. (Daniel M. Gold)

  • Tang Wei - Xiao Hong
  • Feng Shaofeng - Xiao Yun
  • Wang Zhiwen - Lu Xun
  • Zhu Yawen - Duanmu Hongliang
  • Li Qiang
  • Wang Yu
  • Tu Duu-chih
  • Manda Wai
  • Eli Marshall
  • Zhao Hai
  • Man Lim-Chung
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