Daniel Pfander
DEU 2015
74 min

A bitter elderly count resides in an old, decrepit manor house near Berlin. His only son is coming to visit with his new girlfriend and her daughter from a former relationship. The count promises his handsome young male employee the manor house if he kills his son during the visit. The count’s son steals some drugs from a biker gang and they send a hitman after him. In the sultry summer countryside, people are bored, people are nasty and something really bad is going to happen.

In the presence of Daniel Pfander.

  • Hermes Phettberg - Freiherr Vivigenz von Hohenholz
  • Henning Gronkowski - Jean Jacques
  • Rainer Meifert - Konstantin
  • Hanni Bergesch - Nadja
  • Daniel Pfander
  • Franco Bubani
  • Andrés Rodríguez Navorro
  • Iwan Romanow
  • Ben Jones
  • Hans Hafner
Daniel Pfander Filmproduktion

Daniel Pfander Filmproduktion

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