Heavy Metal Detox

Josef Dabernig
AUT, 2019

Although films by Blake Edwards or John Cassavetes use dentistry as the basis for black comedy, they lack something: the camera is never close enough to really study the process. Placing himself in the frame as the anaesthetized subject, Dabernig trusts his crew to record everything in pure black-and-white: drills, wires, pipes, clamps, drool, blood, floss. No abstract poetry as in Brakhage’s autopsy film; only a calm soundtrack of synthesized tones and buzzing machines. As often in Dabernig’s multimedia work, social obedience squares of with the strange ecstasy of abandoning oneself to fate. (Adrian Martin)

In the presence of Josef Dabernig.

  • Michael Palm
  • Josef Dabernig
  • Kristina Balcanovic
  • Josef Schintlmeister
  • Christian Giesser
  • Josef Dabernig
  • Christoph Herndler
  • Josef Dabernig
Josef Dabernig


35 mm