Retro Warhol


Andy Warhol
USA 1964
67 min

In the 30s, Jean Harlow used to be a sex symbol like Marilyn Monroe at a later point--young, beautiful and blonde, and a real woman. Of course, she is being played by a man in Warhol's work, Mario Montez, who, by the way, can again live out his weakness for bananas (see Mario Banana). Harlot is said to be a caricature of the then popular Jean Harlot cult. A film, an illusion. And therefore all the more real.

Together with the screening of <filmlink id=\"1943\">Screen Tests (Reel 4)</filmlink>

  • Gerard Malanga
  • Mario Montez
  • Philip Fagan
  • Carol Koshinskie
  • White Pussy
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