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Grandeur et décadence d'un petit commerce de cinéma

Rise and Fall of Little Businesses of Cinema
Dorit Margreiter
GBR, AUT 2004, 2014
14 min

The programme compiled by Dorit Margreiter for the Viennale comprises a total of nine selected works that share a common interest in the interface of cinema and the showroom. While some films specifically focus on film production and the movie theatre (such as FILM TITEL LISTE, GRANDEUR ET DÉCADENCE D’UN PETIT COMMERCE DE CINÉMA, APORIA and the first showing of CINÉMA), others address the issue of the cinematic space and its architecture (10104 ANGELO VIEW DRIVE, PAVILION, BALLGASSELAND, BROKEN SEQUENCE, ZENTRUM ). In “returning” the work produced for the showroom to the movie theatre, the relationship between space, architecture and time becomes subject to redefinition.


Krobath Wien/Berlin

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