Tribute Jürgen Böttcher


Jürgen Böttcher
German Democratic Republic 1981
17 min

Over many years, Jürgen Böttcher has collected a large number of art postcards. Mostly for his own amusement, he would paint over these postcards. Now on camera, these postcards because of Böttchers artistic modifications become lively images of a new dimension. The artist himself steps in front of the camera and, like a magician, he playfully shows us his postcards. Then we see a paint brush, and in a few brief strokes, the familiarly conventional postcards disappear before our very eyes. Böttcher highlights certain details on the postcards, while letting other features disappear, with the use of black markings. Böttcher the artist creates something new and different: new possibilities of vision.

  • Jürgen Böttcher
  • Thomas Plenert
  • Stefan Edler
  • Jürgen Böttcher
  • Jürgen Böttcher
DEFA-Studio für Dokumentarfilme

Progress Filmverleih Burgstraße 27 10178 Berlin, Deutschland T 30 247 37 76

35 mm
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