Sakamoto Ayumi
Japan 2013
145 min

Japan, the present day. While walking home from work one evening, Ayako approaches her old high-school friend, Yukari, who is working as a safety warden at a building site. They haven’t seen each other since graduating ten years ago, and Ayako offers Yukari a job as an office assistant at the small company where she’s a manager. But soon difficulties are arising from their relationship.
A cleverly constructed psychodrama that rewinds not once but twice upon itself, FORMA is a fascinating debut by director Sakamoto Ayumi. Aside from its twists and turns, the film derives an equal amount of atmosphere from its unhurried tempo and cool, observational camerawork, often in long fixed takes.
Sakamoto, who has made music videos, installations and documentaries, apprenticed on several films by the maverick Tsukamoto Shinya, but in FORMA there’s no visible influence by that chronicler of masochistic, tortured angst: the psychodrama here is all female passive aggressiveness. (Derek Elley)

In the presence of Ayumi Sakamoto.

  • Umeno Nagisa - Ayako
  • Matsuoka Emiko - Yukari
  • Nozoe Seiji - Osamu
  • Mitsuishi Ken - Ayakos Vater
  • Nishihara Ryo - Yohei
  • Hosoe Yuko - Mayu
  • Komatsu Asami - Waitress
  • Nishihara Ryo
  • Yamada Shinya
  • Takahashi Masaru
  • Sakamoto Ayumi

Free Stone Productions

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