Joel Potrykus
USA 2014
97 min

BUZZARD follows a small-time scam artist named Marty, a caustic young man who makes ends meet by drifting from one small con to the next. When paranoia forces him out of a lousy temp job, he gets thrust on a journey that – after a brief stopover in his loser co-worker’s basement – ultimately brings him to Detroit with nothing but a pocket full of bogus checks, a not-so-subtlety-modified Nintendo Power Glove, and a bad temper.
“You kind of want him to succeed in his petty rebellion against boredom, conformity and corporate blandness, and you kind of want him to be punched in the face. What happens is more complicated, and the movie, though it is aggressively satirical and sometimes shocking, is in the end hauntingly sad.” (A.O. Scott)

In the presence of Joel Potrykus

  • Joshua Burge - Marty
  • Joel Potrykus - Derek
  • Teri Ann Nelson - Carol
  • Jason Roth - Kubiak
  • Joe Anderson - Craig Kowalczyk
  • Joel Potrykus
  • Adam J. Minnick
  • Peter Fox
  • Joel Potrykus
  • Honduran
Sob Noisse, LandoHead Effects Studio

Media Luna New Films

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