Andrea Bussman
Mexico, Kanada 2018
70 min

When Christopher Columbus arrived in America, he was able to predict the advent of a lunar eclipse and used that knowledge to convince the native people that God had granted him the power to make the moon disappear. Through the construction of this fictitious myth, he achieved the surrender and colonization of the inhabitants of present-day Jamaica. This historical anecdote, narrated by an omniscient voice-over in FAUSTO, reflects on the idea of fiction as a colonizing method, a premise under which Andrea Bussmann reinterprets the myth and the homonymous literary piece, which gives its name to her first solo feature-length film. This reinterpreted Faustian universe, translated to the coast of Oaxaca, Mexico, under Bussmann’s camera – a kind of character in its own right that reminds us of Fausto on an endless search for knowledge – ends up building a timeless limbo where different languages and nationalities, literature and myths, history and fantasy, reality and fiction, the tangible and the intangible, the pre- and the postcolonial, the digital and the analog, are confronted in an ethnographic hybrid piece about a world of shadows: an essay about the multiple mysterious layers of reality. (Pedro Segura Bernal)


  • Gabino Rodriguez
  • Fernando Renjifo
  • Victor Pueyo
  • Alberto Nuñez
  • Ziad Chakaroun
  • Andrea Bussmann
  • Andrea Bussmann
  • Andrea Bussmann
  • Andrea Bussmann
  • Gustav Mahler
Andrea Bussmann, Nicolas Pereda

Andrea Bussmann

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