James Benning
USA 2014

This past summer I began a project to make my art practice more personal. The idea was to make 29 works of art to be given to 29 friends. On July 31 I noticed a large cloud in the sky as I drove home towards Val Verde. I thought if I filmed the cloud it would make a nice present for my good friend Harun. Upon returning I gathered up my equipment and recorded the cloud. Afterwards I got a most terse message from a Facebook friend: “Filmemacher Harun Farocki gestorben | Monopol – Magazin für Kunst und Leben.” FAROCKI is simply that cloud. The film will now go to Harun’s daughter Anna. May he rest in peace.
(James Benning, Val Verde, 2014)

On November 5th in the presence of James Benning.

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  • James Benning
James Benning

James Benning

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