Isidro Ortiz
ESP 2007
95 min

Santi is 16 years old and suffers from XP, a disease that makes him acutely sensitive to sunlight - a fact that doesn't exactly make his or his mother Julia's life in Barcelona easy. After a lengthy discussion they decide to move to Arrozas de Valdeon, a remote village in northern Spain that is rarely penetrated by the sun's rays on account of the high mountains that surround it. But instead of the mountain idyll they so long for, they soon find themselves in the midst of a nightmare. At first, animals begin to disappear - apparently usurped by something unknown lurking in the nearby woods. And then one day a young man is killed. Santi, who witnesses the boy's death, soon becomes the prime suspect in the eyes of the villagers.

  • Junio Valverde - Santi
  • Francesc Orella - Dimas
  • Mar Sodupe - Julia
  • Jimmy Barnatán - Leo
  • Blanca Suárez - Ángela
  • Paul Berrondo - Oscar
  • Roberto Enríquez - Antonio
  • Hernán Migoya
  • Alejandro Hernez
  • José Gamo
  • Isidro Ortiz
  • Josep Maria Civit
  • Jaume Melez
  • Bernard Aragonès
  • Fernando Velázquez
  • Pilar Revuelta
  • Eva Arretxe
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Coach 14 105 Esplugues Av. 08034 Barcelona, Spanien T 93 205 53 54 Legend Home Entertainment Augustinerstraße 12 50667 Köln, Deutschland T 221 270 4980

Legend Home Entertainment Augustinerstraße 12 50667 Köln, Deutschland
35 mm
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