Einer von uns

One Of Us
Stephan Richter
AUT 2015
86 min

A 14-year-old boy dies one night in a supermarket’s colorful world of merchandise. This disturbing image would haunt me long after opening a daily newspaper in 2009 and learning about a story that, for many weeks, was heatedly discussed in Austria. Inspired by these events, EINER VON UNS narrates a complex cosmos of characters that inhabit the sterile aisles of product shelves and the giant cement-grey parking lot of a supermarket. The giant worlds of shelves, filled with lurid and empty promises, shape the film’s central narrative perspective onto a story on identity, friendship, love, acknowledgement, and the boredom of the suburbs. EINER VON UNS should furthermore mirror a piece of Austrian Zeitgeist, which one will primarily find in the rural cement deserts of the suburbs. (Stefan Richter)

In the presence of Stephan Richter, producer Arash T. Riahi and team-members.

  • Jack Hofer - Julian
  • Simon Morzé - Marko
  • Christopher Schärf - Victor
  • Dominic Marcus Singer - Michael
  • Andreas Lust - Policeman Werner
  • Markus Schleinzer - Mr. Winkler
  • Rainer Wöss - Policeman Georg
  • Birgit Linauer - Policewoman Birgit
  • Stephan Richter
  • Enzo Brandner
  • Hjalti Bager-Jonathansson
  • Andreas Wodraschke
  • Julia Drack
  • Maja Osojnik
  • Matija Schellander
  • Julia Oberndorfinger
  • Christine Dosch
  • Monika Buttinger
Golden Girls Filmproduktion

Golden Girls Filmproduktion

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