Xia nu

A Touch of Zen
King Hu
Taiwan 1971
180 min

King Hu is revered as a wildly creative and impeccable craftsman of the wuxia genre. While other directors experimented across genres and unleashed countless films per year, Hu was the perfectionist with a razor-sharp vision of Chinese aesthetics and philosophy, and how those principles could translate into bravura action editing, elaborate staging, and cutting-edge special effects. The director made his greatest films in the exploding Taiwanese film industry of the 60’s and early 70’s. A TOUCH OF ZEN is Hu’s magnum opus, at once a sprawling epic drama of religious proportions and an anthology of brilliant action set pieces, including one that famously inspired the bamboo forest scene in CROUCHING TIGER HIDDEN DRAGON. A TOUCH OF ZEN won a technical award at Cannes in 1975, the first prize ever won by a Chinese-language film in one of the world’s top festivals.

  • Hsu Feng - Yang Hui-ching
  • Shih Jun - Ku Shen Chai
  • Pai Ying - General Shih Wen-chiao
  • Roy Chiao - Hui Yuan
  • King Hu based on «The Magnanimous Girls» by Pu Sung-ling
  • Hua Hui-ying
  • Cou Yeh-hsing
  • King Hu
  • Ng Tai-kong
  • King Hu
  • Li Chia-chih
  • Han Ying-chieh
  • An Yaokun
International Film Company, Lian Bang, Union Film Company

Taiwan Film Institute

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