Werner Schroeter
BRD 1969
144 min

In 1968 Schroeter acquired a 16mm camera, and he made his first feature-length film Eika Katappa, a film that won him the Josef von Sternberg prize at the Mannheim International Film Festival and effectively launched his filmmaking career. Eika Katappa is steeped in western cultural archetypes: from the mysteries of Christianity to middlebrow popular songs and the rhetoric of dramatic opera. The film also anticipates some of the themes which were to feature in Schroeter's future work, with ecstatic body language and an unequivocally lyrical sensibility as a part of his stylished approach to love, beauty, death and theatricality.

  • Rosa von Praunheim
  • Magdalena Montezuma
  • Gisela Trowe
  • Carla Aulaulu
  • Rita Bauer
  • Alix von Buchenen
  • Rosy-Rosy (= Rosemarie Heinickel)
  • Joachim Bauer
  • René Schönberg
  • Ingo Salto
  • Stefan von Haugk
  • Camille Calabrese
  • Marlene (=Knut)
  • Werner Schroeter
  • Werner Schroeter
  • Robert van Ackeren (Violetta
  • Teil acht)
  • Werner Schroeter
  • Puccini
  • Beethoven
  • Bellini
  • Bizet
  • Mozart
  • Penderecki
  • Strauss
  • Verdi; Schlagermusik
  • Werner Schroeter
  • Werner Schroeter
  • Magdalena Montezuma
Werner Schroeter

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16 mm
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