Koreeda Hirokazu


Koreeda Hirokazu
J 2001
132 min

On the third year anniversary of a mass slaughter carried out by an apocalyptic religious sect called «Ark of Truth», four people who lost loved ones in the sect travel together to the scene of the tragedy. This pilgrimage takes them deep into a forest that contains the lake the slaughter took place. As they hike through the forest, glimpses of their lives are shown in flashbacks, revealing the distant relationship they had with their deceased family members. After visiting the lake, the group returns to where they left their car, only to find it missing. Miles away from any help, they decide to stay with a stranger who was once a member of the religious sect before the slaughter. They stay in the cabin the sect once inhabited for the night. Whether it is the emotional distance characters have from one another or the physical distance the religious sect took to separate themselves from the rest of the world, the word distance is symbolic in many forms. What stands out the most is the distance the main characters had in one night from their everyday lives, that forced them to inhabit a distant setting that brought them a bit closer to the people they lost. (Alexander Rojas)

  • Arata - Atsushi
  • Iseya Yusuke - Masaru
  • Terajima Susumu - Makoto
  • Natsukawa Yu - Kiyoka
  • Asano Tadanobu - Sakata
  • Azusa - Azusa
  • Endo Kenichi - Tamaki
  • Murasugi Seminosuke - Miyamura
  • Koreeda Hirokazu
  • Yamazaki Yutaka
  • Mori Eiji
  • Koreeda Hirokazu
  • Kasamatsu Yasuhiro
  • Isomi Toshihiro
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Wild Bunch 99 rue de la Verrerie 75004 Paris, Frankreich T 1 53 01 50 26 lkalmar@exception-wb.com

35 mm
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