The Dirties

Matt Johnson
Kanada, USA 2013
83 min

Two best friends, a pair of misfit high school students who love making and talking about movies. Unfortunately, they are also the victims of systematic bullying at the hands of The Dirties, a group of classmates who constantly humiliate them. As the boys fantasize about revenge, THE DIRTIES becomes a richly layered portrait of a friendship confronted by school violence in all of its terrible permutations. “We didn’t want to show another version of Hollywood bullying, where everything is over the top and seems way too insane to be real. That wasn’t our experience when we were in school. To get at what’s really going on in school we did two things: We watched tons of home video footage of bullying (some shot by eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, the columbine shooters), and we filmed in real schools with actual students. Because we wrote from what we saw in these films and re-created these scenes in the real world, we thought we could get at something more honest and less ostentatious than what every other high-school movie shows.” (Matt Johnson)

In the presence of Matt Johnson.

  • Matt Johnson - Matt
  • Owen Williams - Owen
  • Krista Madison - Chrissy
  • David Matheson - Mr. Muldoon
  • Matt Johnson
  • Evan Morgan
  • Josh Boles
  • Jared Raab
  • Matthew Chan
  • Matt Johnson
  • Evan Morgan
  • Jay McCarrol
7800002 Canada Inc., XYZ Films

7800002 Canada Inc.

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