Branco sai, preto fica

White Out, Black In
Adirley Queirós
Brasilien 2014

On the outskirts of Brasilia, capital of Brazil, the police invade a black ball on the pretext of repression of drug trafficking. Actually, what is behind this invasion is a racist action. People, mostly black men and black women are victimized. Shots, rush and the consummation of the tragedy: a man is forever in the wheelchair, another one loses his leg after a horse mounted police laid on him. But these men do not feel comforted to tell the story of direct and journalistic way. They want other possibilities. A lawsuit is proposed to incriminate the Brazilian State against the crimes committed against the black and the marginalized.

In the presence of Adirley Queirós and Claudio Iranaeus (Actor).

The invitation of Adirley Queirós was enabled due to the kind support of the Brazil embassy.

  • Adirley Queirós
  • Francisco Craesmeyer
  • Camila Machado
  • Guile Martins
  • Leonardo Feliciano
  • Guile Martins
  • Marquim do Tropa
  • Denise Vieira
  • Denise Vieira
  • Marquim do Tropa
  • Shockito
  • Dilmar Durães
  • DJ Jamaika
  • Gleide Firmino
Cinco da Norte, Trotoar

Cinco da Norte

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