One Fine Spring Day
Hur Jin-Ho
Südkorea, J, HK 2001
116 min

Eun-Su, an anchorwoman for a radio station and Sang-Woo, a sound recording engineer meet on the job and fall in love. To paraphrase the words of a poet, however, there is no such thing as a happy love affair, and they soon encounter hardships. Sound is a major subject of the film. The director relates the characters occupations and psychological states through subtle sounds, skillfully making use of an often neglected aspect of filmmaking. The film deals with the relationship of the two people, but also with the issues of communication and the cycles of generations, in some ways representing the changes of the seasons.

  • Yoo Ji-Tae - Sang-Woo
  • Lee Young-Ae - Eun-Su
  • Baek Sang-Hui - Großmutter
  • Park In-Hwan - Vater
  • Ryu Jang-Ha
  • Lee Yun-Sook
  • Shin Ho-Joon
  • Hur Jin-Ho
  • Kim Hyung-Gu
  • Lee Byung-Ha
  • Kim Hyun
  • Cho Sung-Woo Park Il-Hyun
  • Cho Youn-Jung
Sidus CorporationHansun Building88 Samsung-Dong, Gannam-GuSeoul 135-090, SüdkoreaT 2 6005 6000
35 mm
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