The Birds

Alfred Hitchcock
USA, 1963
120min, OF

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The Birds

Alfred Hitchcock
USA, 1963
, 120min, OF

Tippi Hedren
Melanie Daniels
Rod Taylor
Mitch Brenner
Suzanne Pleshette
Annie Hayworth
Jessica Tandy
Lydia Brenner
Veronica Cartwright
Cathy Brenner
Ethel Griffies
Mrs. Bundy
Evan Hunter based on a story by Daphne Du Maurier
William Russell
Oskar Sala
Robert Burks
George Tomasini
Robert Boyle
Edith Head

Alfred J. Hitchcock Productions
35 mm

Take in the bird-bath and feeder! Beware the first robin of spring! A threat of unspeakable horror is latent in our feathered friends! At least, that is what Alfred Hitchcock is implying in his new film, THE BIRDS, which is whirring and screeching with deafening uproar. Making a terrifying menace out of what is assumed to be one of nature’s most innocent creatures and one of man’s most melodious friends, Mr. Hitchcock and his associates have constructed a horror film that should raise the hackles on the most courageous and put goose-pimples on the toughest hide. (...) There are the usual Hitchcock ‘characters’ spotted through the film. And those birds! Well, you’ve never seen such actors! They are amazingly malevolent feathered friends. (Bosley Crowther, “The New York Times”, 1963)

On October 30 and 31 in the presence of Tippi Hedren.
Remaining tickets for the screening on Oct 30 are only available at the Filmmuseum!

Supporting film: GLIMPSES OF BIRD LIFE

Tippi Hedren
Born on January 20, 1930, in New Ulm, Minnesota. She starts her career as a fashion model in the 50’s. In 1963 she makes her first film appearence in Alfred Hitchcock’s THE BIRDS. The film is a great success, and Hitchcock offers her the leading title role of his next film, MARNIE. After that, she breaks the relationship with Hitchcock. Subsequently she appears in several minor roles such as in Chaplin’s A COUNTESS FROM HONG KONG. In 1981 she stars in the adventure movie ROAR, and in the 80’s and the 90’s appears in various television movies. Apart from acting, she is involved in various projects, especially in animal protection. In 1983 she founds the Roar Foundation and Shambala Preserve, an animal preserve outside Los Angeles.