Werner Schroeter
BRD 1968
36 min

Argila, a double-projection in black and white and color, simultaneously begins with a black and white scene about love and jealousy and a color image of Carla Aulaulu miming to the recording of an American song. Yet, as soon as her singing fades away, the right projector starts with the repetition of the very black and white image of the left side with a half-minute delay. (...) A play of light and shadows, of life and death, partly with sound, partly silent, partly colorless, partly colorful.

This film is screened together with Neurasia.

  • Magdalena Montezuma
  • Gisela Trowe
  • Carla Aulaulu
  • Sigurd Salto
  • Werner Schroeter
  • Werner Schroeter
Werner Schroeter

Werner Schroeter, Agentur m.a.r.s. Mommsenstraße 17, 10629 Berlin, Deutschland, T 30 30 37 59 19 57,

16 mm
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