L' Heure du Berger

The Berger's Hour
Pierre Creton
F 2008

In Jean-Pierre Creton's La Vie après la mort (2003) we saw him in the house of a much older friend, Jean Lambert, side by side. We saw them listening to records. We saw them waiting for something, Jean Lambert's death. In 2008, seven years after his friend's passing, Pierre Creton is still living in this house. He returns to the images from that time in order to stitch them, literally, using a sewing machine borrowed from Lautréamont, with those of today. (Jean-Pierre Rehm)

This film is screened together with Ah, Liberty and White Horse.

  • Pierre Creton
  • Jean L.
  • Pierre C.
  • Francis L.
  • Pierre B.
  • Marie L.
  • Patrick H.
  • Yves E.
  • Vincent B.
Pierre Creton

Pierre Creton 32 chemin d'étigues, 76111 Vattetot sur mer, Frankreich T 2 35 28 83 65,

Pierre Creton
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