Image of movie Leonardo
Image of movie Leonardo


Friedl vom Gröller
Austria, Italy 2020
3 min

The cinema of Friedl vom Gröller has the courage to follow the currents – of water and air, time and montage, words and meanings set adrift. Silent and in black and white, LEONARDO literally “floats” the words of da Vinci in no less than three languages: German, Italian, and English. What da Vinci philosophized about motion and change, vom Gröller embodies in the materiality of the cinematic medium. If this is minimalism, it is cosmic minimalism, reaching from humble means to the deepest truths. (Adrian Martin)

In the presence of Friedl vom Gröller and Michael Heindl

  • Friedl vom Gröller
Friedl vom Gröller


16 mm
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