V'22 Events

 Located between Gartenbaukino and Urania, we invited you to our social programme with discussions and talks with film guests or just to chat in the upper floor of the Viennale Club in Falkestraße. At night, the basement became a party zone with DJs and live acts.

Director Joanna Hogg inspired audiences with insights into her working methods during a discussion evening organized with the drehbuchFORUM Wien, as did French director Alain Guiraudie,, who spoke to interested festival-goers about filmmaking and writing. Another highlight: Lav Diaz held a master class for the Austrian Directors’ Guild.

Presenting itself in a new and different way every year is the “matrix” that results from the entire annual program and the interplay of the selected films, and their associative dialogue with each other. A network of themes and thoughts that open up reciprocally with a social discourse.

Eric Baudelaire im Viennale Club

Taking up these thoughts, making this network visible to viewers and inviting them to participate was something the Viennale tried to do again this year. At a panel discussion on the subject of “masculinity,” director Ruth Beckermann, filmmaker Albert Serra and moderator Andrea Braidt sought to explore changing and shifting implications in the cinematic context. In another panel on the topic of “narrative and manipulation,” also enthusiastically received, directors Radu Jude, Roee Rosen and Eric Baudelaire discussed pitfalls and ethical issues with Lisa Nesselson and the audience.


Robert Newald

Maialen Beloki (San Sebastián Film Festival), Giona Nazzaro (Locarno Film Festival), Eva Sangiorgi (Viennale), Carlo Chatrian (Berlinale), Paolo Moretti (Quinzaine des Réalisateurs, Cannes) 

After last year's complete abandonment of a festival headquarters, this year's festival once again provided a meeting point for cinema lovers away from the cinemas - albeit on a somewhat smaller scale: the Viennale Bar, ideally located between Gartenbaukino and Urania, invited to conversations and DJ lines in bar and club under strictly controlled 2G rules. Acting star Lars Eidinger made the crowd dance, the directors of the festivals of Berlin, Locarno, Cannes (Quinzaine des réalisateurs) and San Sebastián paid their respects to the Viennale and discussed the role and future of film festivals.



Many visitors of the Viennale 2019 made their way to the demanding talks and discussions in the Viennale Zentrale in the Kunsthalle Wien in the Museumsquartier – as was the case with the talk featuring Bertrand Bonello, the discussion about threat-ening conflicts and imminent wars, as well as a round table discussion on the topic of film critiquing.

Franciso Ferreira und Victor Güimares beim Filmkritik-Round-Table in der Viennale Zentrale | © Viennale/Roland Ferrigato

The dancing visitors of the Viennale Zentrale were excited about the various DJ performances: Montoya, Oberst & Buchner, Andaka, Kompleks, Scientist, Kristian Davidek, DJ Moe, Vatileaks, Forever Traxx, Monsterheart DJ-Set, Hausgemacht-Kollektiv, DJ Hertzbube, J´aime Julien, Belly Dance Service, Alaska Al, DJ Nomad, Misonica, Therese Terror, Gassen aus Zucker und Journey to Tarab. Also the various live acts like the Peruvian electro-cumbia duo DENGUE DENGUE DENGUE or the electrifying performance of LULU SCHMIDT were well received. Furthermore, there was a large influx of visitors, especially during the conversation with the film maker Angela Schanelec.

Aperitivo at the Viennale Zentrale | © Viennale/Alexi Pelekanos

The programme was rounded off by the Viennale Afterparties at the Viennale Zentrale - including the farewell concert of Johann Sebastian Bass with illustrious special guests.


Among the highlights of the Viennale 2018 was the program at the festival center in the Kunsthalle Wien in the Museumsquartier, which proved to be extremely varied and exciting with its mix of interesting film talks and book presentations, parties and DJ lines as well as exquisite concerts. With the Viennale Aperitivi, festival director Eva Sangiorgi brought Italian flair to the Viennale and invited on selected days to an aperitivo in the festival centre, where cinema fans, filmmakers* and industry guests could get into conversation.


The list of DJs was once again exciting in 2018: Mina, Erica Fatna, DJ Badre, Hanna, Andrés, Flo Real, Adam Brandis, Schmieds Puls DJ-Set, DJ Hertzbube, J'aime Julien, Lil Promise, Sofie, Therese Terror, Ulrich Rois, Radio Martiko, Gümix and Shanti Roots, Dj Makosa & Sugar B, DJ Scheibosan and Graf Hadik. Furthermore, Viennale filmmakers* were invited to perform their musical inspirations and favourite songs on one evening on the turntables.

Director Mariano Llinás

More highlights were the Master Class by Mariano Llinás (LA FLOR), the conversation between Jean-François Stévenin and Yann Dedet, and the well-attended book presentation on "Angeschlossen und gleichgeschaltet: Kino in Österreich 1938-1945".


After five years in the "Old Post", which was no more available due to construction works, the Viennale festival center moved into the KUNSTHALLE WIEN at the Museumsquartier. This great location hosted the festival guests and has been a perfect place for parties, concerts and interesting discussions.

«Palm Spring's Finest» DJ Day opened this year's Viennale party. It was followed by evenings with live concerts by Amp Fiddler, Mirac, Photay aka Evan Shornstein and drummer Daniel Schreiber. The list of DJs: Drehli Robnik, Booty Carrell, DJ Coolman, DJ Zuzee and Mrs. Zee.

The other highlights included discussions with Tindersticks singer Stuart A. Staples, actress and human rights activist Vanessa Redgrave, directors Marie Dumoras, Rahul Jain and John Carroll Lynch. As part of the book presentation «Hans Hurch. Vom Widerschein des Kinos» the editors Claus Philipp, Christian Reder and Armin Thurnher read from the book.


Festival center at the former Post headquarter - 5th go!

Discussions and musical acts were also part of the program at Dominkanerbastei 11 this year.

The Cypress Junkies kicked off the party round in the festival center. Great live concerts followed: Carsten «Erobique» Meyer,  Singer-Songwriterin Anna B Savage , Terrel Wallace aka Tall Black Guy, Burriers und Roosevelt. Following the premiere of the film AUF EDITHS SPUREN, the pianist and producer Rupert Huber presented the highlights of the soundtracks he composed live in the festival center. Universal Beatnik and Alaska Al from the Accordia Schallplatten Club brought along treasures from their comprehensive record collection.

DJs in 2016 served the dance floor with finest beats: DJs Liza Levitas (SISTERS), Noisolepsy (ASSQUAKE) und J’aime Julien (MALEFIZ), THAT GOOD VIBE COLLECTIVE, Doug Shipton (FINDERS KEEPERS), SupAfly Collective (RADIO BUZZ),

DJ Safi made the festival center shake for the closing party with his Oriental tunes and live tables.


4th go: Festival center again at the former Post headquarter in 2015

Discussions and musical acts were also part of the program at Dominkanerbastei 11 this year.

The festival was opened  by Andy Fletcher from Depeche Mode. Davi DB showed his musical talent. Hans Hurch aka DJ Ohanne was one of the many local acts. DJ exel. Pauls, DJ Phekt, DJ Smoab & Shantisan.warmed people up for dancing. There was a great concert from Squalloscope. Some acts like Jerusalem in my heart blurred the line between music and performance.

With Listen to Eric an evening to remember with Eric Pleskow took place. A conversation on the film HOTLINE with Silvina Landsmann was also included in the event program.


3rd go: Festival center again at the former Post headquarter in 2014

Discussions and musical acts were also part of the program at Dominkanerbastei 11 this year.

Malia Konzert im Viennale Festivalzentrum | © Viennale/Robert Newald
The festival was opened  by the London based MYSTERY JETS, ETEPETETE deejayed. With WOODS OF BIRNAM AMOUR FOU lead Christian Friedel spotlighted his musical talent. KONEA RA was one of the many local acts.  Among the DJs Sebastian Schlachter, FM4 DJs MAKOSSA and MEGABLAST, DJ CUTEX, Jonathan Toubin (NEW YORK NIGHT TRAIN) and VIHANNA were also features of the program. Electronic beats by Anna Leiser of BEBOP RODEO and B. FLEISCHMANN warmed people up for dancing. HODA MOHAJERANI, G.RIZO and MALIA stroke up songs from rumi to soul music. Some acts like KLUB MUTTI À GOGO e. g. blurred the line between music and performance.

Michael Omasta (Falter, Synema), Haden Guest (Harvard Film Archive, Co-Kurator REVOLUTIONS IN 16MM), Silvia das Fadas (Filmemacherin), Philipp Fleischmann (Schule Friedl Kubelka, Filmemacher), Bernd Brehmer (Werkstattkino München, Underdox), Katja Wiederspahn (Viennale, Co-Kuratorin REVOLUTIONS IN 16MM) | © Viennale / Ruth Ehrmann
With WHY FAROCKI MATTERS an evening to remember the film maker and media theorist Harun Farocki who passed away unexpectedly in August 2014 took place. A conversation on the special REVOLUTIONS IN 16MM under the title BE SAND, NOT OIL, an introduction into the work of Gerhard Heinz, who composed more than 130 sountracks to cinema productions as well as a discussion between Abel Ferrara (PASOLINI) and Alex Ross Perry (LISTEN UP PHILIP) were also included in the event program.


Gonzalo García Pelayo (Tribute-Filmemacher) | © Viennale (Robert Newald)
Festival center at the former Post headquarter - 2nd go!

Discussions and musical acts were also part of the program at Dominkanerbastei 11 this year. The festival was opened  by DJ Andy Smith (former Portishead live DJ), subsequent festival nights were celebrated with Blur drummer DAVE ROWNTREE, Austrian HipHop Genius SKERO, Glen Matlock, the former Sex Pistols bassist, Markus Binder (ATTWENGER) and the heads of the French music blog project LA BLOGOTHÈQUE...so the time went by under the influence of prominence.

One of the highlights in the former Post headquarter was AN EVENING TO REMEMBER: A PROGRAM DEDICATED TO LOU REED. The legend, who died October 27 this year, was V'10 special guest and presented the film RED SHIRLEY then. On October 31 the Viennale organized an evening with lectures, films and music to remember the great artist.

Some of the acts had an intermedial impact on senses and mind: Thanks to a mixture of of 16mm film projections, visuals and Arabic sounds, the audience felt JERUSALEM IN MY HEART. The performance collective H.A.P.P.Y. presented the 20th anniversary celebration book.
Two evenings were dedicated to filmmakers @ turntables – we would especially point out to Gonzalo García Pelayo's.
Interviews on FORMS OF DOCUMENTARY, the JERRY LEWIS RETROSPECTIVE and WILL FERRELL, as well as the correlation between cinema and life offered additional information to the q & a sessions at cinema.


New Festivalzentrum in the Anniversary Year

In its anniversary year, there was a new Festivalzentrum of a special character in a very odd place - in a uniquely spacious building, built around 1880 under Emperor Franz Joseph, and then for a long time the headquarters of the Austrian Post (Dominikanerbastei 11). The Festivalzentrum was a meeting place, a lounge and a place for discussions and talks, the room for parties, DJ sets and rest between the films for food and drink during the day and late into the night.


Viennale Festival Center on the Badeschiff

FilmemacherInnen an den Plattentellern, Viennale 2011
For the third time running, the Badeschiff at Vienna’s Danube Canal served as the Viennale’s festival center.
Among the highlights were the DJ-set by Belle&Sebastian member John Geddes, the enlightening Discussion on the situation of the local arthouse cinemas and the DJ-Line with the German actor Lars Eidinger. The very well-attended events on the Badeschiff clearly show that the location was even better received by festival-goers than last year.



Viennale Festival Center on the Badeschiff
For the second time running, the Badeschiff at Vienna’s Danube Canal served as the Viennale’s festival center. Among the highlights were the performance by John Turturro, the enlightening Discussion on Vienna and the DJ-Line with the German designer Bernhard Willhelm. The very well-attended events on the Badeschiff clearly show that the location was even better received by festival-goers than last year.


Viennale Festival Center on the Badeschiff

Viennale Festivalzentrum am Badeschiff, Viennale 2009
For the first time this year, the Badeschiff at Vienna’s Danube Canal served as the Viennale’s festival center. Straight off, the Badeschiff succeeded in establishing itself as a popular and much-visited festival meeting place. Among the highlights were the public talks with Tilda Swinton and Shitin Neshat, as well as the long legendary series “Filmmakers at the Turntables.”


Alexei Pelekanos
The roof top of the Urania was once again festival center of the Viennale in 2008. A broad range of events, from lectures and discussions to parties and live concerts took place there.
The series Working Class was dedicated to «The Cinematic Ways of Bob Dylan» in form of a lecture by Diedrich Diederichsen or a talk with Garth Hudson and several musical events.
Honorary guest Werner Schroeter had an insightful talk with authour Dietrich Kuhlbrodt.

For the presentation of the «EMPIRES OF TIN»-DVD Vic Chesnutt gave one of his rare concerts together with Guy Picciotto (Fugazi) and T. Griffin.
Also the already well established djing program «Film makers at the turntables» filled the dancefloor for several times.


The Viennale Zentrale was again situated in the rooftop of the Urania.
During the day the Zentrale was the setting for philosophical and theoretical affairs. In discussions and lectures guests debatet with actors and directors like Thom Andersen, Jem Cohen, Jean-Pierre Gorin, Stephen Kijak, Matthew Porterfield or Esther B. Robinson. The discussions between Stephanie Rothman and Nina Menkes and between Todd Haynes and Tom Kalin belong to the highlights of the Zentrale program 2007.
At nights different DJ lines were presented as well as parties and live concerts.
Moreover, the popular series “Filmmakers at the Turntables” was continued. Filmmaking DJs of the edition 2007: Serge Bozon, Todd Haynes, Tom Kalin, Mike Ott, Nina Menkes and Kurt Palm.


Besides the two main frame events – the opening party at the city hall and the closing party (for the first time at Volksgarten) with over 1000 invited guests each, the popular Lusthausfest took place in the Viennese Prater as every year.
The gala screening in honour of Jane Fonda in the presence of the actress was another cinematic and social highlight of the V’07.


Ruth Ehrmann
Again the Viennale Zentrale was situated in the rooftop of the Urania. At nights the Zentrale turned into a party location with DJs like Justus Köhncke, DBH or Tschamba Fii and live acts by Leafcutter John, Soffy O or Urlaub in Polen.
The popular series “Filmmakers at the Turntables” was continued and filmmakers like Raya Martin, Mike Ott, Hiroki Ryuichi or Stefano Savona rocked the Zentrale as DJs.

Alexander Tuma
During the day the Zentrale was the setting for more philosophical and theoretical affairs. In discussions and lectures guests could debate with actors and directors like Paul Cronin, Valeska Grisebach, Stefan Krohmer, Romuald Karmakar, Ulrich Köhler, Viva or Agnès Varda. The talks with Viva, Kenneth Anger and Peter Whitehead belong to the highlights of the V’06 Zentrale Program.

Robert Newald
Besides the two main frame events – the opening party at the city hall and the closing party (for the first time at the Palais Auersperg) with over 1000 invited guests each, the popular Lusthausfest took place in the Viennese Prater as every year.
The gala screening of Andera Eckert’s documentary film I’m about Winning. Der Filmtycoon Eric Pleskow in the presence of the director and the Viennale’s president Eric Pleskow was another cinematic and social highlight of the V’06.

Robert Newald

The V’06 special "Tales from the Jungle" was a cinematic expedition, dedicated to the motive of the jungle. Through a selection of films dealing with the cinematographic space of the jungle the festival presented the variety of narratives, projections and realities the jungle has evoked in the history of cinema.

The motto of the jungle was amplified by the Austrian art collective Lichttapete ("wallpaper of light") with their impressing light set-ups: a thrilling jungle expedition from the screen into the urban space. During the festival, a selection of buildings in the inner city of Vienna were covered with wildly light sprawling projections and - as part of the jungle special - shined for one night in a new light.



Lav Diaz, Viennale 2005

Besides the film-related events, the VIENNALE-Zentrale was hosting a number of special events: Not only did the film guests at the turntables, such as William E. Jones, Thorsten Trimpop or Bill Daniel, contribute to the musical background, but also bands like “Die Türen”, “Cobra Killer” or the presentation of the new FM4 compilation Sunny Side Up.

Not to forget the numerous discussions, lectures and performances, like “Biographical Constructions in Cinema”, the two discussion rounds “On Warhol”, the exotic performance “Tang Tang”, or Rainald Goetz’s action essay “Democracy, Democracy”.


Jane Birkin, Viennale 2005

The Charim Gallery hosted a comprehensive retrospective of photographer and Andy Warhol companion Gerard Malanga.
Jane Birkin, the star guest of the VIENNALE 2005 held a concert at the Volkstheater presenting her new album "Arabesque".



Laurel Bacall, Viennale 2004
In honor of tribute-guest Lauren Bacall there was a gala screening of "The Big Sleep" at the Gartenbaukino. After the film Lauren Bacall held a public talk together with VIENNALE-director Hans Hurch.


The Melvins, Viennale 2004

The evening with Cameron Jamie & the Melvins was an Austrian premiere: The legendary rock band The Melvins accompanied live three films by fine-artist Cameron Jamie at the Gartenbaukino.


Jean-Pierre Gorin, Viennale 2004

For the first time 2004, the VIENNALE added a series of events to its program. Entitled Working Class, this series consists of three to four film lectures held by internationally known personalities of cinema. The distinctive feature of these lectures is that they represent both theoretical and practical aspects of filmmaking in their works and are thus neither obliged to convey a pure theoretical-academic view nor a pure practical one. These lectures are offered to a public audience willing to reflect on the vivid visual and intellectual experiences of cinema.
The first lecturer of Working Class was the French-American filmmaker and theorist Jean-Pierre Gorin, to whom we also dedicated a special program at this year’s festival. Gorin held a series of lectures, which he has conceived, along with the legendary American film critic and painter Manny Farber, since the 1980s.


Jean-Marie Straub, Daniele Huillet, Viennale 2004

As part of the Danièle Huillet/Jean-Marie Straub retrospective (which included selected films by John Ford) there was a round table discussion with prominent participants and moderated by Hans Hurch:
Jean-Marie-Straub, Danièle Huillet, Harmut Bitomsky, Tag Gallagher, Jean-Pierre Gorin


Gonzales, Viennale 2004

Opening-act of the Viennale Zentrale was the legendary underground-entertainer Gonzales - with a fantastic instrumental piano show.



Some highlights of the countless events that took place during the Festival:

Tomasz Stanko & Gianluigi Trovesi, Viennale 2003
Litania, the live concert of the VIENNALE 2003 was undoubtfully one of programme highlights. Polish jazz trumpetist Tomasz Stanko, known as pioneer of European jazz in the early sixtees, presented for the first time in Austria, together with his band and with legendary Italian clarinet player Gianluigi Trovesi, LITANIA – Music of Krysztof Komeda. Tomasz Stanko attributes this concert, performed in the course of the tribute „ECM and cinema“, to his artistic example, Krysztof Komeda.

Serge Bozon, Viennale 2003
Artists have been invited to the VIENNALE and asked to bring their favorite records to the ZENTRALE.
The director of the curious and cultish film Mods, Serge Bozon was undoubtedly cut a fine figure.
Afterwards DJ Fritz da Groove, member of Deep House Mafia, played Soul and House.
DJs Serge Bozon, Blue Hadaegh, Grover Babcock and Austrian Filmmakers Andrina Mracnikar and Timo Novotny did a very good job.


Hermes Phettberg liest Charles Bukowski, Viennale 2003

Well known Austrian Hermes Phettberg read on 25th of october from different Charles Bukowski books.


Diskussion im Viennale Zelt, Viennale 2003

One of the most interesting discussions in the VIENNALE Zentrale was about film production in Argentina, Africa, China.
Argentina, Africa, China: a look behind the scenes of creative production models, difficult circumstances, and "taking the bull by the horns". Participants: Eduardo Antin (president of the "Festival de Cine Independiente", Buenos Aires), Jean-Marie Téno (director and executive producer of Les Films Du Rapha, Paris/Camerun) and Bérénice Reynaud (California Institute of Arts - School of Film/Video).



17 Hippies, Viennale 2002
In the Viennale-tent, 7 of the 17 HIPPIES inspired a dancing public with a long live performance on October 24. The band gave a foretaste to the concert in the Gartenbaukino´s foyer where they did a short live set right before ´Halbe Treppe` began.


Another fascinating discussion in the Viennale-Tent featured soul singer Sam Moore (of Sam & Dave), his wife Joyce, who has worked in the music business for the past 40 years, and Viennese music journalist Thomas Mießgang. The occasion was a Viennale screening of the documentary Only the Strong Survive, a portrait of a number of legendary soul musicians which D.A. Pennebaker and Chris Hegedus made last year



Fay Wray, Viennale 2001

In January 2001, the acclaimed Dutch filmmaker Johan van der Keuken passed away at the age of 63. The Viennale commemorated the distinguished director by presenting his North/South series, consisting of "Dagboek" (The Diary, 1972), "Het witte kasteel" (The White Castle, 1973), and "De nieuwe ijstijd" (The New Ice Age, 1974).
"I made the film 'The Diary' in 1971 and it was shown for the first time in March 1972. Since then it has grown into a cinematic triptych. I have approached each of the three films from an entirely different angle. What they share, however, is that they were all shot in various places across the globe, and that they all compare situations in rich industrial nations in the North with those in poor "third" world countries in the South. In my triptych, I have tried to capture some of the world's infinite differences in terms of living standards and historical developments, entwining them in one large emotional image. I have also attempted to unveil that these different worlds are closely interwoven, even if the people of these worlds may not be aware of it." (Johan van der Keuken)
In the course of this homage German filmmaker and critic Harmut Bitomsky (currently a professor at the "California Institute of the Arts") held a lecture on Johan van der Keuken's body of work.   BOOKPRESENTATION AND READING WITH ILSE AICHINGER In 2000 Austria's daily newspaper "Der Standard" invited Vienna-based author Ilse Aichinger to write short, flash-like comments about the festival's program. The writer responded with an astonishing daily "scrapbook" of entries. In her curious, associative and impartial approach to the various films, the passionate filmgoer succeeded in creating a completely new form of reviewing, which is now known under the name "Journal des Verschwindens" (A Chronicle of Vanishing Moments) and has become a regular element in "Der Standard".
Ilse Aichinger's entries have been compiled in a book called "Film und Verhängnis. Blitzlichter auf ein Leben" (Film and Disaster: Flashlights on a Life), which was presented at the Viennale.