Before Jacques Demy created THE perfect French film musicals - LES PARAPLUIES DE CHERBOURG (1964) and LES DEMOISELLES DE ROCHEFORT (1967) - he shot LOLA, his first feature film in 1960, inspired by the classic DER BLAUE ENGEL  (Josef von Sternberg, 1930, with Marlene Dietrich). In the musical universe of Michel Legrand, who regularly cooperated with Demy, the life and love story of nightclub singer Lola is told or sung - in the lead roles Anouk Aimée and Marc Michel, who both recur in later Demy films.

LOLA is screened on Nov 7th, 1 pm, at Gartenbaukino.

"Sometimes birds that live in cages, even if you open their doors, won't fly away."
Of a compulsory community of a special kind is Leonardo Di Costanzo L'INTERVALLO: The 17-year-old Salvatore is assigned to guard the somewhat younger Veronica at the complex of an abandoned factory - the exact circumstances and backgrounds remain in the dark. The roles are clearly defined, but with the slow passage of time there's an approach between the two figures; in the intermediate tones always a spark of similarity arises. "Intervals" run like a red thread through the film: Silent pauses in which seemingly nothing happens, the distance between the two and its changes, musical intervals in the whistle of the songbirds that Salvatore may recognize. L'INTERVALLO - a worthy conclusion of a festival, the last film of the Viennale 2012.

The Trailer is only available in original version - the screening will be Italian with English subtitles.

L'INTERVALLO is screened on Nov 7th, 11.30pm, at Gartenbaukino - the final movie of this year's Viennale.

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