Tips of the Day: 04/11

Jean Renoir follows the Commedia-dell’Arte

LE CARROSSE D’OR, adapted very freely from Prosper Mérimée’s “Le Carosse du Saint Sacrément”, takes place in the 18th century and revolves around the golden coach that the viceroy of Peru had delivered from Europe. His mistress hopes that he will give it to her as a love token, but he chooses instead to bestow it on Camilla, the star of a touring commedia dell’arte company from Italy. The viceroy’s ministers threaten to depose him if he goes through with his ruinously extravagant gesture. Camilla resolves the impasse by donating the coach to the bishop of Lima.

LE CAROSSE D'OR (Jean Renoir, F/I 1952), November 4, 1 pm at Gartenbaukino

Concert spectacle and extraordinary portrait

As Antony Hegarty and his band perform, a parade of striking New York women take it in turns to mount a small revolving platform to the side of the stage. Atlas films them and beams the results – blurred and interwoven with external images – on to a giant screen behind the musicians.

TURNING (Charles Atlas, DK/USA 2011), 4.11., 23:30 Uhr im Gartenbaukino

In the presence of Charles Atlas.

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