Gaspar Noé
FRA 2018
96 min

Eine Tanzkompanie versammelt sich vor ihrer Tournee zu einem Workshop- und Partyabend. Schöne junge Frauen und Männer mit einem großmäuligen Hang zur Verantwortungslosigkeit. Auch in seinem neuesten Exploitationfilm schließt Noé (notorisch spätestens seit IRRÉVERSIBLE) Sexyness und Begehren mit Missbrauch und pornografischer Gewalt kurz. Die hämmernde Musik auf der Tonspur stammt aus den Clubs der 1990er Jahre, den Treibstoff für den Exzess hat ein Partygast mitgebracht: Die Überdosis LSD in der Pfirsichbowle raubt den Tänzerinnen und Tänzern rasch den Verstand, während sich die ruhelose Kamera im Inferno auf den Kopf stellt. (Robert Weixlbaumer)

Am 26.10. in Anwesenheit von Gaspar Noé.


The dancers are introduced to us as they were to the choreographer, in the pre-recorded audition videos playing on the retro TV set. They’re a diverse bunch, some speak French, others English, they talk of their love of dance, their reasons for joining the American tour, their opinions on sex, drugs, and violence. Their talent is obvious when they rehearse together in the next scene, a sinuous, oddly erotic choreography set to infectious beats that, like much of the film, unfolds in an extended unbroken shot. Once the number is over, it’s time to kick back and go wild, even if the school hall with the French flag hanging behind the DJ seems a strange place for a post-rehearsal party. The sangria tastes odd and pulses are soon racing, it won’t be long before everything is turned on its head, as the video cassettes of SUSPIRIA and POSSESSION in the pile next to the TV take on a whole new meaning ... CLIMAX is another gleeful, glittering provocation in a career full of them, at once a musical, a collective relationship drama and a wonderfully unhinged horror movie: flashing lights, writhing bodies, long dark corridors, a final girl bleeding in the snow; climax as both end and beginning. (James Lattimer)

On October 26th in the presence of Gaspar Noé.

  • Sofia Boutella - Selva
  • Romain Guillermic - David
  • Souheila Yacoub - Lou
  • Kiddy Smile - Daddy
  • Claude-Emmanuelle Gajan-Maull - Emmanuelle
  • Gaspar Noé
  • Benôit Debie
  • Denis Bedlow
  • Gaspar Noé
Rectangle Productions, Wild Bunch, Les Cinemas de la Zone

Wild Bunch

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