Raúl Ruiz Short Film Programme 1

Three works from different creation periods. LA MALETA, Ruiz's very first directorial work, originally planned as a feature-length, then only 21 minutes long for financial reasons, is the story of a man with a suitcase in which a second smaller man is hidden. What would later characterize Ruiz's works, the surreal avant-garde directorial gesture, can already be encountered here. The film was considered lost for many years, but when the raw footage was rediscovered in 2008, Ruiz recut it. Then EL TANGO DEL VIUDO …, the next hopeful candidate for Ruiz's feature-length debut. But the project stalled and remained as an edited 35mm negative with no soundtrack. Only after Ruiz's death did his collaborator and widow, Valeria Sarmiento, set about completing it. It centers around the widower Señor Iriarte, a confused scholar who is haunted by his wife's ghost after her death. Finally, AHORA TE VAMOS, in which Ruiz documents a meeting between representatives of the Mapuche people and President Salvador Allende.

Thu 26 Oct