Heinz Emigholz


The Holy Bunch
Heinz Emigholz
Germany 1986
89 min

In reaction to the death of a friend, a group of five artists begin to explore their collective past by perusing his notebooks and their own artistic creations. Complexly structured to shift between the past and present, scenes from life and scenes from a novel, Emigholz' film simultaneously constructs and deconstructs the role of art in the group's lives and its relationship to human spirit.

  • ? - Dr. Flicker
  • der Lektor)
  • der Schriftsteller)
  • der Zeichner)
  • die Fotografin)
  • die Übersetzerin)
  • der Architekt)
  • Bernd Broaderup
  • Klaus Dufke - Rob I und II
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Heinz Emigholz/Pymfilms

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