Zvony pre bosých


Zvony pre bosých

The Bells Toll for the Barefooted

Stanislav Barabáš
ČSSR, 1965
96min, sk/dOmeU

Bild: Slovenský filmový ústav Bild: Slovenský filmový ústav Bild: Slovenský filmový ústav

Zvony pre bosých

Stanislav Barabáš
ČSSR, 1965
, 96min, sk/dOmeU

Ewa Krzyzewská
Ivan Rajniak
Vlado Müller
Radovan Lukavský
Axel Dietrich
Jozef Sorok
Ivan Bukovčan
basierend auf seiner eigenen Geschichte
Vincent Rosinec
Maxmilián Remeň
Zdeněk Liška

Československý film Bratislava
Filmové laboratóriá Bratislava
35 mm
Print courtesy of Slovenský filmový ústav

Along with Palo Bielik, Stanislav Barabáš was the second Slovak maestro to devote an important part of his career to the Slovak National Uprising with great popular and artistic success. While Bielik was more interested in straightforward, muscular narratives, however, Barabáš excelled at a more complex, humanist, and overwhelmingly lyrical approach. The pinnacle of his partisan testimonies remains ZVONY PRE BOSÝCH, a restrained winter ballad of two lonely, scared partisans who accidentally capture a young German soldier and encounter a desperate woman, robbed of all life’s meaning by the brutality of the war. Lost deep in the snow-covered mountains and barricaded in a wooden shelter, this unusual quartet simply wants to breathe and exist. Far removed from any socialist realist conventions of the time and primarily drawing its strength from the outstanding combination of superb writing and acting, ZVONY PRE BOSÝCH invokes a truly Sartresque atmosphere, as it gradually shifts from a survival story to a philosophical examination of the value of human existence at the harshest of all times.

On 3.11. with an introduction by Rastislav Steranka.