Retrospective 2017

Vremja, vpered

Zeit, voran!
Michail Švejcer, Sof'ja Mil'kina
Udssr 1965
155 min

“Time, to the fore!” As if: The film of 1965 not only dates back to the era of the early 1930s, it shows a parallel universe, where things were as Stalinism claimed: Magnitogorsk as a melting pot of enthusiastic volunteers, experienced workers and serious engineers, who build together the metallurgical combine, in record time of course. As in a musical, flirting, joking and controversial, but the rhythm of the construction noise and the choreography of the work in the collective.

  • Sergej Jurskij
  • Inna Gulaja
  • Tamara Semina
  • Leonid Kuravlev
35 mm
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