Retrospective 2017


Die Spitze
Sergej Jutkevič
Udssr 1928
78 min

The title is more the method than the content of this feature film debut by Sergej Jutkevič, co-founder of FEKS (“Fabrik des exzentrischen Schauspielers” / “factory of the eccentric actor”). The tale about a group of Komsomolets, who are fighting not just their own boredom but also hooligans, is just a pretense to knock together cinematographic experiments, slapstick and adventurous situations, in which Jutkevič joyfully tests all methods of silent cinema.

On Oct. 15 with an introduction by Naum Kleiman and Artiom Sopin, on the piano: Gerhard Gruber.


  • Nina Šaternikova
  • Konstantin Gradopolov
  • Boris Tenin
35 mm
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