V’18: OCTOBER 25 – NOVEMBER 8, 2018

Tugoj uzel

V' 17

Tugoj uzel

Fester Knoten

Michail Švejcer
UdSSR, 1956
100min, OmdU

Bild: Cinémathèque suisse

Tugoj uzel

Michail Švejcer
UdSSR, 1956
, 100min, OmdU

Oleg Tabakov
Viktor Avdjuško
Nikolaj Sergeev
Pavel Volkov

35 mm

To see socialism realistically, Mikhail Švejcer wanted to seize this opportunity after the unmasking of the "personality cult" in 1956. In his film adaptation of a novel by Vladimir Tendrjakov, collectivized agriculture is a complicated business in which false ambition can cause a lot of damage. Švejcer had to re-edit this atmospheric, almost gloomy, film, immediately into a version that shows the party in a better light. A restored version came into the cinemas not until Perestroika times in 1988.

On Oct. 14 with an introduction by Naum Kleiman and Artiom Sopin.