Retrospective 2017

Strannye ljudi

Seltsame Menschen
Vasilij Šukšin
Udssr 1969
100 min

The "simple people" formed the concrete idea of a Soviet culture, but only a handful directors could tell this as authentically as the author and filmmaker Vasilij Šukšin who died too early at the age of 45. He has filmed his own short stories here, each with "strange" heroes in the center, only one thing in common: they can’t be reduced to the simplicity of their circumstances. So these little episodes reflect the great sociological breaks, dreams and disappointments of the Soviet period, permeated by a melancholy, which does not expect compassion.

  • Sergej Nikonenko
  • Evgenij Evstigneev
  • Lidija Fedoseeva-Šukšina
  • Evgenij Lebedev
35 mm
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