In Bed with Victoria
Justine Triet
FRA 2016
98 min

The opening moments tell us a great deal about criminal justice lawyer Victoria by introducing the chaotic domestic space that she shares with her two daughters, as well as her relationship with male suitors. her current assistant/partner leaves her employment because he has been treated as little more than a babysitter. A wedding party brings two men back into her universe: Sam, a former client, and Vincent, an old friend she will soon find herself defending against domestic assault charges.
Triet’s most productive contribution to the rom-com tradition is the authentic female voice at the core of the film; Victoria is in a constant struggle to find a work-life balance. She finds herself wearing multiple hats and often resorts to chemical means in order to cope. Often the film cross-cuts between Victoria occupying different roles: at her psychiatrist’s office, consulting with a client, lying in bed with a one-night-stand. This editing motif serves to articulate how interdependent these personas are, as Victoria finds herself discussing her personal life with her clients and her professional life with her lovers. her failure to separate these selves isn’t indicative of weakness. Rather, it renders Victoria more human and relatable.
IN BED WITH VICTORIA is buoyed by irresistible performances by Virginie Efira and inevitable romantic interest Vincent Lacoste. It is their turns that imbue the film with its energy. (Bradley Warren)

In the presence of Virginie Efira (actress)

  • Melvil Poupaud - Vincent
  • Virginie Efira - Victoria
  • Vincent Lacoste - the babysitter
  • Justine Triet
  • Simon Beaufils
  • Julien Sicart
  • Simon Apostolou
  • Olivier Touche
  • Laurent Sénéchal
  • Olivier Meidinger
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