Dangsinjasingwa dangsinui geot

Yourself And Yours
Hong Sangsoo
Südkorea 2016
86 min

Painter Youngsoo is having relationship problems. Or so he thinks. A friend tells him that his girlfriend Minjung has been seen drinking with another man. The confrontation that follows ends in a row and their relationship in tatters. In the days that follow, friends of Youngsoo see his ex enjoying the company of other men, all of whom think that they have met her previously. Is this woman really Minjung or does she have a doppelgänger? Or maybe several? In the meantime, a regretful Youngsoo is combing the city for the love of his life. 
With YOURSELF AND YOURS Hong Sangsoo has created a masterfully mysterious, enthralling break-up/make-up comedy and manages to treat one of the oldest subjects in cinema in a new, refreshing way. (Filmfest Hamburg)

  • Kim Joo-hyuck - Painter Youngsoo
  • You-young Lee - Friend Minjung
  • Kwon Haehyo - Writer Jaeyoung
  • Yu Junsang - Filmmaker Sangwon
  • Hong Sangsoo
  • Park Hongyeol
  • Kim Mir
  • Hahm Sungwon
  • Dalpalan
Jeonwonsa Film Co.


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