Bodkin Ras

Kaweh Modiri
NL, B 2016
79 min

BODKIN RAS tells the story of a young fugitive in search of a nonexistent home. In his aim to belong somewhere he is a hazard to himself and his surroundings. The film is set in a small Scottish town called forres, well hidden between the highlands and the North Sea. The characters in this town are all real people with traumas in their past that overshadow their existence. Their stories are incorporated into the film script, in which documentary and fiction are blended together.

In the presence of Kaweh Modiri.

  • Sohrab Bayat - Bodkin
  • Lily Szramko - Lily
  • Eddie Paton
  • James «Red» Macmillan
  • Sean O’Reilly
  • Kaweh Modiri
  • Daan Nieuwenhuijs
  • Céline Bernard
  • Jack Coghill
  • Jan de Coster
  • Mohsen Namjoo
  • Lindsay McGee
  • Madeleine Drewell
Revolver Amsterdam, Inti Films

Shoreline Entertainment

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