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General Report.
Pere Portabella
ESP 1976

This film constitutes the synthesis of Portabella’s openly political clandestine films and his surroundings. Shot in the months after the death of General Franco, it is a “documentary” film shot with the techniques of a fiction film. A coherent link in a filmography intended to explore the limits of filming representation, INFORME GENERAL is about the future political representation in the Spanish transition, with a clear democratic vocation contradicted by its virtual invisibility during thirty years. The speakers are concerned with one sole question: How do you go from dictatorship to democracy?

  • Nazario Aguado
  • Montserrat Caballe
  • Santiago Carrillo
  • Felipe González
  • Francesc Luqueti
  • Magda Oranich
  • Jordi Pujol
  • Ramon Tamamesl
  • Anton Canellas
  • Pere Portabella
  • Octavi Pellissa
  • Carles Santos
  • Jose Miguel Herrera
  • Javier Celayuandi
  • Alberto Escobedo
  • Pere Joan Ventura
  • Francisco Marin
  • Antonio Cano
  • Jordi Farrerons
  • Jose Maria Aragones
  • Carles Santos
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Films 59

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