Diamant noir (OmdU)

Dark Diamond
Arthur Harari
FRA, B, Kanada 2016
115 min

“You want them to pay? You have to be lucid, cool, precise. You go there, you see, and you take - that’s payback.” Arthur Harari’s first feature is a poised, stylish, and utterly assured revenge thriller in which violence erupts suddenly amid tense, hushed stretches of talk. Pier Ulmann comes from a family of powerful diamond dealers based in Anvers. After his estranged father’s death, he vows vengeance against his relatives who had abandoned him and returns to the business with an elaborate robbery in mind. Featuring menacing tracking shots; a cool, metallic color palette; surprising third-act reversals; and a terrific ensemble cast, DARK DIAMOND is a movie precisely attuned to the logistical and moral complexities that accompany lives of luxurious crime.”

In the presence of Arthur Harari, Niels Schneider and August Diehl.

  • Niels Schneider - Pier Ulmann
  • August Diehl - Gabi Ulmann
  • Hafed Benotman - Rachid
  • Hans-Peter Cloos - Joseph Ulmann
  • Raphaele Godin - Luisa
  • Jos Verbist - Rick
  • Arthur Harari
  • Vincent Poymiro
  • Agnès Feuvre
  • Tom Harari
  • Laurent Sénéchal
  • Olivier Marguerit
  • Sophie Lifshitz
Les Films Pelléas, France 2 Cinéma, Savage Film, Frakas Productions, Proximus

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