Paul Verhoeven
FRA, DEU 2015

Isabelle Huppert plays Michele, now the tough and highly successful head of a violent video game company, the daughter of a reviled father serving life for mass murder. In the opening sequence, Michele is raped by a masked intruder. But she has no use for the police, treats the attack in the most matter-of-fact way, and begins her own resourceful pursuit of this man. Based on a 2012 novel, “Oh ...” by Philippe Djian, ELLE is outrageous, funny and shocking, exhilarating and original. Its portrait of a woman always in command of herself, no matter what, makes every other attempt at grand guignol look gauche. (David Sexton)

  • Isabelle Huppert - Michèle
  • Laurent Lafitte - Patrick
  • Anne Consigny - Anna
  • Charles Berling - Richard
  • Virginie Efira - Rebecca
  • Christian Berkel - Robert
  • David Birke
  • Stéphane Fontaine
  • Job te Burg
  • Anne Dudley
  • Laurent Ott
  • Nathalie Raoul
SBS Productions, Twenty Twenty Vision Filmproduktion, France 2 Cinéma, Entre Chien et Loup

SBS International

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