La millor opció

The Best Choice
Oscar Pérez
ESP 2016
83 min

LA MILLOR OPCIÓ is based on a true story and played by its real character himself, Koto Maelainin. Koto, a young Saharan born in a refugee camp, urgently needs a kidney transplant and the best choice as donor is his biological mother, who he hasn’t seen since he was sent to Spain on a hosting programme for Saharan children. The sudden arrival of his family is an enormous shock for Koto, who watches as his new world falls apart. Far removed from the beliefs and customs of his people, Koto must deal with his origins to try to save his own life.
The film indirectly reflects the dramatic consequences of an unresolved and almost forgotten international conflict. Western Sahara was a Spanish colony between 1936 and 1976. When Spain left the region, Morocco took over and forced Sahrawi people to flee to refugee camps in the desert, where they still live in miserable conditions. Every summer since then, Sahrawi children travel to Spain hosted by Spanish families to spend the hottest months of the year (47 °C or more). That’s how our main character met his foster mother and also the real origin of our story. (Oscar Pérez)

In the presence of Oscar Pérez.

  • Koto Maelainin (Koto)
  • Mercè Pons (Cinta)
  • Francesc Orella (Antonio)
  • Gaymula Larosi (Fatimetu)
  • Ahli Brahim (Ahmed)
  • Oscar Pérez
  • Pep Garrido
  • Santiago Racaj
  • Alejandro Castillo
  • Eva Valiño
  • David Gimbernat
  • Rauelsson
Getsemaní Produccions, DDM Visual, Televisió de Catalunya

Getsemaní Produccions

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