Sac la mort

Emmanuel Parraud
FRA 2015
78 min

Patrice is having a particularly bad day. Not only does he find out, from the killer himself, that his brother has been decapitated, but he is also expelled from his own home. While his mother cries out for vengeance, Patrice would mainly like to find shelter. Set on the Reunion Island of today, a place still crowded with signs of an ancient and mystical society where symbols and witchcraft overwhelm everyday life, Patrice fights to avoid lapsing into madness.
Emmanuel Parraud brilliantly immerses us in an unprecedented fictional universe, and he does it in his mother tongue, Creole. Without ever giving into folklore, the film rests on a marvellous range of characters, that all seem to be walking on the edge, between nightmare and reality. (Laurence Reymond)

  • Patrice Planesse
  • Charles- Henri Lamonge
  • Martine Talbot
  • Nagibe Chader
  • Didier Ibao
  • Emmanuel Parraud
  • Benjamin Echazaretta
  • Prune Saunier-Dardant
  • Alain Rosenfeld
  • Tristan Pontécaille
  • Nikolas Javelle
  • Grégoire Pontécaille
À Vif Cinémas, Spectre Productions

La Fabrique Phantom

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