Retrospective 2016

THE Stagecoach

John Ford
USA 1939
96 min

This is where it all started. John Ford’s enduring masterpiece STAGECOACH revolutionized the western, elevating it from B movie to the A-list and establishing the genre as we know it today. The quintessential tale of a group of strangers thrown together into extraordinary circumstances, the film features outstanding performances from Hollywood stalwarts and, of course, John Wayne, as the daredevil outlaw Ringo Kid. Superbly shot and tightly edited, STAGECOACH (Ford’s first trip to Monument Valley) is Hollywood storytelling at its finest. (Criterion Collection)

  • John Wayne - Henry, genannt «Ringo Kid»
  • Claire Trevor - Dallas
  • John Carradine - Hatfield
  • Thomas Mitchell - Dr. Josiah Boone
  • Andy Devine - Buck Rickabaugh
  • George Bancroft - Sheriff Curly Wilcox
  • Donald Meek - Samuel Peacock
  • Dudley Nichols
  • Bert Glennon
  • Frank Maher
  • Dorothy Spencer
  • Walter Reynolds
  • Richard Hageman
  • Walter Plunkett
Walter Wanger Productions
35 mm
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