Benjamin Cantu
DEU 2011
81 min

Marko is an apprentice working on a large agricultural complex in the Nuthe Urstrom valley district 60 kilometres south of Berlin. If he passes his final exams he will be a fully-fledged farmer. That is, if he really wants to. But he’s not sure. He doesn’t have many friends outside the workplace and the eleven other apprentices see him as a rather uncommunicative guy and something of a loner. But when a new apprentice named Jacob joins them Marko slowly begins to come out of his shell. The two men get to know each other – during the harvest, whilst transporting the grain from the field, or removing calves from their mothers. But then, the two men escape to Berlin for a day and, suddenly nothing is the same any more. A tender relationship evolves.

  • Lukas Steltner - Marko
  • Kai-Michael Müller - Jacob
  • Steven Baade
  • Florian Born
  • Eric Fechner
  • Christian Hahn
  • Charlina Ingold
  • Jan Jendruschewitz
  • Felix Kaminski
  • Simon Kirmeier
  • Katharina Körner
  • Christian Sauermilch
  • Tino Trempler
  • Tobias Weichert
  • Benjamin Cantu
  • Alexander Gheorghiu
  • Frank Bubenzer
  • Szilvia Ruszev
  • Keith Kenniff
  • Mirjam Rózsahegyi
Salzgeber & Co. Medien

Salzgeber & Co. Medien

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