The evening with Cameron Jamie & the Melvins is an Austrian premiere and the pinnacle of the culture program in autumn. A guest in the Gartenbaukino is the legendary rock band The Melvins, accompanying live three films by fine-artist Cameron Jamie films.

The band The Melvins is one of the most important representatives of hard noise conceptual rock, and has been a role model for a number of bands, from Nirvana to Infinite Livez. Kurt Cobain named them his favourite band, upon which Buzz Osborne, Melvins’ front man, said: “He was a fan of ours. But look at the results. It’s better not buying into that rock’n’roll bullshit.”

Cameron Jamie’s works – a combination of video, performance and photography – deal with European and American history and trivial culture. Jamie scouts out sub-cultural shadow realms, explores the site-specific rituals of our society and their pop culture implementation.

In this joint project, Cameron Jamie’s raw, documentary-like productions fuses with the Melvins’ throbbing soundtrack to create a fascinating synthesis of the arts using pictures and sound, an art performance purgatory with tension and intensity.