Sobre la marxa

The Creator of the Jungle
Jordi Morató
ESP 2014
77 min

This is the story of a man who created a jungle next to the highway, building with his bare hands beautiful and unbelievable works of engineering in the forest. This is also the story of how he ended up burning them to ashes to reconstruct them, time after time, over decades. He is known as “Garrell”, also as “Tarzan from Argelaguer”, and he is not driven by any apparent purpose, except one: going “on the go”.
The tale of how he came to create a fantasy world is told through his own footage, peculiar Tarzan remakes recorded with the collaboration of a 14-year-old boy. But also through the images of a North American art historian and finally, through the footage of the author of this documentary, who puts together the pieces of an extraordinary life of numerous facets: the aged man who is still a child at heart, the modern savage, the visionary admired by those who go on a pilgrimage to his forest, the misunderstood man who is labelled a lunatic by many. As he says: “In my jungle I have everything I need. This will be my life. I don’t want to have anything to do with the white civilized man”.

  • Jordi Morató
  • Jordi Morató
  • Laia Ribas
  • Jordi Morató
  • Laia Ribas
  • Jordi Morató
  • Laia Ribas
  • Charly Torrebadella
  • Josep Pujiula «Garrell»
La Termita Films, Universita Pompeu Fabra

La Termita Films

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