Rosso cenere

Red Ashes
Adriano Aprà, Augusto Contento
FRA, I 2013
60 min

ROSSO CENERE explores poetical, mystical and visionary aspects of the island of Stromboli and the film made in 1950 by Roberto Rossellini, STROMBOLI, TERRA DI DIO. It uses archive footage from the restored print of Rossellini’s film, together with sequences from documentaries shot by Vittorio De Seta in the Aeolian Islands, and home movies by Ingrid Bergman not previously screened in public. The protagonists of ROSSO CENERE are four islanders – two of whom were directly involved on set in 1950 – and the film critic Adriano Aprà, a leading authority on the work of the neorealist director.

In the presence of Adriano Aprà.

  • Augusto Contento
  • Adriano Aprà
  • Kênya Zanatta
  • Augusto Contento
  • Kênya Zanatta
  • Augusto Contento
  • Alessandro Cellal
Cineparallax, Luce Cinecitta, Rossellini Film & TV, Kimerafilm, Canal+

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