Past Perfect

Jorge Jácome
P 2019
23 min

The ambivalence of endless nostalgia finds wry expression in Jácome’s aptly titled PAST PERFECT, a playful amble through shimmering superimpositions, natural textures, and any number of cultural references, equal parts lowbrow and erudite. As the restless camera uncovers a frozen fidget spinner, floating cassettes, and buried iPhones, the subtitles set off back through time to remember the things that used to conjure up all that wonderful melancholy: last year’s crying parties in LA, Paul Klee’s “Angelus Novus”, the sun over the Bosporus in 1683. Why is digging in the past so much flashier than digging in the present? (James Lattimer)

In the presence of Jorge Jácome und David Cabecinha.

  • Jorge Jácome
  • Pedro Penim
  • Jorge Jácome
  • Marta Simões
  • Shugo Tekina
  • Rui Lima
  • Sérgio Martins
  • Chopin
  • Jorge Jácome
Jorge Jácome

Portugal Film

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