L' ultimu sognu

Last Dream in Petra Bianca
Lisa Reboulleau
F 2019
33 min

This film evokes a time in the lives of Corsican farmers when existence was not merely a matter of labour, food, animals, and the soil; just as crucially for their continued survival, it involved dreams, signs, visions, spirits and protective spells of the type that Jean Epstein once filmed. This way of life passes not only because of the encroaching modern world, but also because the old ways, and the most enchanted members of the community, have died. Reboulleau weaves speech, music, documentary-like images, and striking archival footage of the region into an elegy that transcends naturalism. (Adrian Martin)

In the presence of Lisa Reboulleau.

  • Lisa Reboulleau
  • Lisa Reboulleau
  • Tarek Sami
  • Arno Ledoux
  • Lisa Reboulleau
  • Elsa Jonquet
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