Holy Days

Narimane Mari
Algeria (El Djazaïr), F 2019
40 min

Narimane Mari makes films that can better be described via dreams than via words. Every scene is a small sensation that passes through us, with each new image reminding us of something we forgot from the previous shot. A beautiful observation of birds picking food from naked human feet is followed by one of birds’ feet trying to touch a flower. We see a man digging his own grave. Like the synsacrum of a bird, there is an unknown quality to Mari’s recent work that employs the strategies of silent cinema, linked to balancing a specific moment in time. Maybe we learn to fly, maybe we accept falling. (Patrick Holzapfel)


  • Michel Haas
  • Saadi Ikhlefhoum
  • Bilio Kaliakatsou
  • Yoda
  • Narimane Mari
  • Narimane Mari
  • Antoine Morin
  • Narimane Mari
Centrale électrique, Allers Retours Films

Narimane Mari

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