In Focus: Roberto Minervini

The Passage

Roberto Minervini
USA, B, I 2011

She has only a few weeks left to live, the doctor explains to Ana. “Maybe less. Take care of yourself.” She should spend the rest of her days with her family, he advises her, and most people whose lungs have been eaten up by cancer would probably do precisely that. But first of all, Ana has no family, and second, she still has hope. Because on her way home, her Mexican friend has given her the address of a religious faith healer who lives several days’ journey away in west Texas. At the supermarket, Ana meets Jack, who has just been released from prison, and because he desperately needs money and she no longer needs her savings, the odd couple embark on the journey in Jack’s car.
THE PASSAGE is Roberto Minervini’s feature-film debut and the first part of his Texas trilogy. Many of the aspects that characterize his subsequent works are already outlined in this remarkable road movie. THE PASSAGE is impressive due to its semi-documentary nature and the amateur actors around Soledad St. Hilaire, but especially because of Minervini’s fine sense of the harsh reality of America’s Deep South and his empathy for the people. When Harold, a nondescript amateur artist, joins Ana and Jack, the trio is complete, and the new final stage of their journey can begin. (Michael Pekler)

  • Sara Carlson - Sara
  • LeeAnne Carlson - LeeAnne
  • Katarina Carlson - Katarina
  • Josefina Barrios
  • Christin Carlson
  • Emma Carlson
  • Grace Carlson
  • Judah Carlson
  • Liberty Carlson
  • Linnea Carlson
  • Noah Carlson
  • Seth Carlson
  • Timothy Carlson
  • Roberto Minervini
  • Denise Lee
  • Tom Gambale
  • Diego Romero
  • Marie-Hélène Dozo
Pulpa Entertainment, Poliana Productions
Doc & Film International
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